Duty Belt with Open Top & X26P


Provide your San Andreas Police personnel with the highest quality center buckle duty belt available on the market, with custom equipment models that can only be found here at Code4Mods. With an equipment layout that places equipment in the optimal position just as it would be in the real world, making equipment easy to reach in case of a fight or struggle with a subject.

HD Textures

Low Poly

Easy Install

FiveM Use


Product Description

The Center Buckle Open Top & X26P Duty Belt Pack is a supplementary package for the EUP Law & Order mod that allows you to further customize your San Andreas Police personnel with FiveM Duty Belts. Strap up with this highly realistic rendition of a real-world police duty belt. Featuring an equipment layout that meets the high demands for any Patrol Officer. This pack includes high quality renditions of real-world police equipment such as a radio, open top mag pouch, and tourniquet. It will take your character customization to the next level. These FiveM Duty Belts won’t just make your officer look like the real deal; it mirrors the same features as its real-world counterpart when used in-game bearing a visual likeness to the real thing, as it has a sleek, body-hugging design which is rigged to move naturally with your in-game character. We use the experience of real-world Law Enforcement Officers to create our Duty Belt layouts, ensuring you truly are receiving a high-quality, true-to-life representation of Police Duty Belts.

Some of the other features of this product include:

  • Optimized 3D model with a low poly count ensuring the best in game performance.
  • Rigged to move naturally with your in-game character, just like the real deal.
  • Included Duty Belts for multiple weapon types.
  • Multiple options with the provided PSD Template including Basketweave and Nylon.
  • High-resolution HD textures and PSD templates.
  • OpenIV Auto-Installation for a hassle-free installation.
  • Thorough product documentation.

Other Product Information:

Refund Policy | Digital Products License Agreement Keep in mind that our products are created and optimized for use in a single player environment such as LCPDFR. While we authorize the use of our products in a multiplayer environment such as FiveM, we do not guarantee the product will perform to a level which is satisfactory for stable game-play.


All of our products are male only unless specifically listed for female.

Product Requirements

  • PC Version of GTA V
  • LCPDFR or FiveM
  • OpenIV
  • Mod Installation Knowledge
  • Latest Version of EUP Law & Order
  • EUP Menu

PSD File Only Requirements

  • Adobe Photoshop (or similar)
  • Knowledge modifying PSD files
FiveM Use Policy

FiveM Use Policy

Code4Mods LLC products are produced for use in the single player version of Grand Theft Auto V along with LCPDFR. Utilization of our products in a third-party framework such as “FiveM” or “RageMP” is permitted under the following circumstances:

  1. You represent and warrant that you are the owner of the server or computer onto which you have downloaded and installed the Digital Content, or you retain an admin/manager position within the community (server). Digital Content purchased from Code4Mods LLC is authorized for a single installation on a server or computer which is registered to You and may only be used by You.
  2. While utilization of Code4Mods LLC products is authorized on third-party frameworks such as “FiveM” or “RageMP”, Code4Mods LLC will not be liable to you or any third-party for any Consequential or Incidental Damages, Loss of Data or Information, or recovery of such data and it being understood that You shall be responsible for ensuring proper and adequate processing, back up and storage procedures.
  3. Code4Mods LLC is not obligated to provide technical support, phone support, updates or upgrades to You for the Digital Content on installations that You chose to use the Digital Content on a third-party framework such as “FiveM” or “RageMP”. You are solely responsible for taking appropriate measures for installation, your systems, backups, and any data loss.

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  • Avatar

    Valley Gaming

    Love the Belt

    Love the model, High quality textures and best belt around

    May 12, 2023
    Verified Review

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  • Avatar

    thomas midlen

    it is a fantastic model, with amazing high quality textures. probably the best duty belt out there.

    November 25, 2022
    Verified Review

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